Adult Rowing

Lake County Rowing Association’s masters program promotes teamwork and camaraderie allowing rowers to experience a full body workout in a fun environment. LCRA offers year round coaching to anyone older than high school age. The LCRA adult rowing team is made up of men and woman of various ages and rowing experience. Experienced can join at anytime and continue to develop and improve their technique. For those with no rowing experience we ask that you complete a Learn to Row session which we offer several times throughout the year.

Coached Practices Times
Thursday: 5:30am-7:00am
Saturday: 7:15am-9:00am
Sunday: 7:15am-9:00am

If you have any questions email Deidre Giltner

We look forward to rowing with you,
Deidre Giltner
Membership Coordinator

“Eight hearts must beat as one in an eight oared shell or you don’t have a crew!”
-George Pocock